• Markilux 760 & 869 awnings
  • Markilux 760 & 869 awnings
  • Markilux 760 & 869 awnings
  • Markilux 760 & 869 awnings
  • Markilux 760 & 869 awnings

Collaroy Perch

Project Details

Markilux 760 & 869 vertical drop belt tensioned awning systems were used to protect the eastern and northern facades of this new home in Collaroy.

Perched on the edge of Collaroy plateau, this home enjoys 180 degree views overlooking Collaroy Basin and Long Reef. The large glass windows were designed specifically to embrace the views yet the sunrise over the ocean was always going to create extreme glare and heatload in summer with the midday and afternoon sun adding to this on the northern facade.

The builder Micrah Projects and the client looked to Blindmaster for a wind tolerant shade solution and the Markilux 760 & 869 straight drop awnings were specified, designed into the project with secreted recessed pelmets and supplied and installed during the construction phase.

The result is an integrated functional shade solution that melds seamlessly with the home’s facade and protects the home whilst maintaining the magical coastal vista.

Location: city Collaroy

Type: residential house

Specifier: builder Micrah Projects


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