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Licensed to Drill

22 Feb 2013 Troy

Blindmaster contractor's licence shade sails and shade systems

There are so many reasons to choose one firm over another when searching for retractable awnings or retractable roofing for our outdoor living spaces.  First, you have to like the product they sell, then your sales consultant must demonstrate extensive product knowledge and finally you have to feel you are getting good value for money.  But there’s another reason to select BLINDMASTER over some of the other retailers in the market – we are licensed to drill!

While most responsible businesses carry the appropriate insurances to cover any mishaps, not all retailers of Shade Systems hold a valid Contractor’s License.  Did you know that NSW Fair Trading licenses all builders and tradespeople that carry out work in the residential building industry?  The NSW Contractor License authorises Blindmaster to contract and carry out the work described on our license card.   In our case, we are authorised to carry out works involving new products, repair or replacement work for Shade Sails and Shade Systems in NSW.

All this may seem very dry and boring to the average consumer.  We tend to focus on the fun jobs like choosing our retractable awning or retractable roofing, deciding on colour schemes and seeing the finished product.  But that fun can quickly turn to misery if your retailer can’t deliver a faultless installation.  The NSW licensing process ensures that our team has the skills and knowledge to achieve the best possible outcome – start to finish.

Not only do we have a valid Contractor’s License but our General Manager Simon Lightfoot has also achieved a Qualified Supervisor Certificate.  This allows him to supervise and carry out the work as described on his certificate on behalf of Blindmaster.

So if you’re thinking about adding a retractable awning or retractable roofing to your outdoor living space, don’t be seduced by so-called sales and seasonal discounts – be sure you choose a firm that is licensed to drill!  Choose Blindmaster.