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Happy Sun Dried Tomatoes at Harris Farm Bowral

31 Oct 2013 Troy

When Harris Farm in Bowral needed an external sun shade solution they naturally contacted the team at Blindmaster.  We successfully installed 5 Markilux 990 folding arm awnings at their Glendale shop in Newcastle which are still going strong after 4 years of daily operation, so they knew they could count on Markilux and Blindmaster to meet their current needs in Bowral.


Simon Lightfoot and Troy Breglec worked with Harris Farm Bowral and installed 2 Markilux 990 full cassette folding arm awnings for the front entry.  These 8.0m wide awnings were set at a pitch of approximately 30 degrees to provide sun shading and UV protection to the shop entry.  Now the Markilux awnings protect the vibrant fresh produce displays from deteriorating in the harsh sun. With a Nano Anthracite Frame and Sunvas SNC fabric in rich green to match the Harris Farm Logo these awnings also add a stylish touch to the Bowral complex.

The 990 full cassette folding arm awnings allow free flowing access to the shop entry without unsightly and hazardous guide wires or ‘j’ hooks that are found on standard shop awnings.  Thanks to the bionic tendon arms the awnings provide an incredibly wind stable solution for the swirling winds that sweep around the car park.  The awnings are motorised with a remote control and motion sensor to easily retract into a sleek cassette keeping the fabric out of harm’s way from cars, trucks and late night loitering!

The installation process took a little longer than expected as Simon and Troy were greeted by the very friendly and inquisitive Bowral locals who were very interested in the new addition to the shopfront.  The sunny weather on the day and good clean country air made the process very enjoyable for everyone involved.