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ClearShield Stainless Steel Security Screens Block Everything Except The View

20 Mar 2013 Troy

During my morning commute I often hear a radio ad for a particular brand of security screens.  The ad is voiced by a folksy actor who has introduced us to his family and tells us how this product has helped him outsmart the “crims”.   While I don’t have any charming fables up my sleeve (and my voice is ANYTHING but folksy) I do have an interesting tale to tell about a new security screen  available from Blindmaster.

The CLEARSHIELD brand of security screens and security doors are very different from anything you have ever seen for domestic use. You really can’t compare them with conventional screens, even the heavy duty security versions.  While most security doors and screens use woven mesh in varying grades, ClearShield’s patented design is made from a single sheet of smooth powder-coated stainless steel with tiny round holes punched through it.  This creates a smooth touch and VERY strong sheet of protection that is amazingly clear. This unique design ensures stylish good looks combined with the peace of mind that your home’s doors and windows are secure.

clearshield security doors

We’ve never seen anything that has the superior look and performance of ClearShield’s unique stainless steel security screens.  Unlike woven mesh products which can collect dirt and dust, ClearShield security screens feature a smooth and easy to clean stainless steel that is burglar resistant but still looks fantastic.  Made to measure and colour matched to your home, ClearShield screens are available as fixed or easy to use Emergency Exit Screens in a wide range of powder-coated frame finishes.


The ClearShield website includes detailed testing results for their product.  I’ve listed the highlights here but go to for even more impressive data!

Knife Test – Australian Standard 5041 requires the security screen material to be subjected to repetitive knife attack without penetration of the mesh greater than 150mm after three slashes of a knife.  ClearShield’s domestic grade screen withstood over 20 cycles of the AS4483 test and still did not fail.   performance-chart - knife attack

Repetitive Impact Test – The Australian standard for security doors and security screens requires all security doors and screens to comply with AS5041. Part of the physical test for this standard requires the security door or security screen to withstand 5 impacts of an impact ball at 100 Joules of energy. The test sample withstood 50 x 100 Joule impacts.


Extreme Impact Test –  ClearShield was subjected to 15 impacts of 500 joules of energy. This equates to 5 times the impact energy used in the Australian standard test for security doors and screens. ClearShield remained unbroken after 15 impacts from the test rig.


Safe, strong and good looking – what more could you want from your security screens?  For a free measure and quote ring me on 9938 4977.