How do I clean and maintain my awning?

All that should be necessary to maintain your awning is an occasional clean, particularly before the winter months set in. This will ensure your awning is in tip-top condition for the next spell of hot weather.

The frame work of your awning can be cleaned using lukewarm water and a gentle, non-abrasive, non-corrosive detergent such as a standard car washing liquid. Depending on the installation height the frame should be reachable with a soft-bristled broom which can assist in the removal of tougher stains. Using a circular motion gently scrub the awning frame, ensuring that the brackets and arms or guide tracks are also freed of debris and other buildup.

The fabric on your awning can be cleaned by simply spraying it down with clean water from the garden hose being sure to disperse water if it begins to pond on the fabric. For stains or marks, dampen a soft sponge with some wool wash dissolved in lukewarm water and gently rub the stain in a circular motion. It is important not to use scrubbing brushes or other harsh detergents as these can remove the coating effect from the fabric cover, leaving your awning unprotected.

Finally, moving parts are subject to wear and tear. Inspect arm and elbow joints, bolts and any caps or plugs on the awning. If you notice any squeaking, creaking or other unusual noises please get in touch with Blindmaster to provide further advice or to arrange a service call.

By following these simple steps every few months you’ll ensure your awning continues to provide you with enjoyment and protection for many years to come!

If you would prefer to have a professional awning cleaning service clean your awning, we have found Shadecare to be a reputable awning cleaning company.

How do I clean my blinds?

Choosing the best method of cleaning will depend on the fabric of your blinds.

In the first instance, dust the fabric gently with a soft brush or dusting cloth. You may also gently vacuum the fabric using a soft bristle nozzle attachment.

Fabrics may be spot cleaned but be careful not to crease the fabric. Spot clean any marks initially using a clean rubber eraser. If the stain persists, try spot cleaning with a soft damp cloth, making sure that the cloth is damp not wet to guard against leaving water marks.

Verosol Metallised fabrics are anti-static, meaning the product resits air-born dust. If dusting is required, use a soft brush or dusting cloth. Dirt marks or spills on metallised fabric must be cleaned ultrasonically. Think of this process the same as taking your silks to the dry cleaners. If the fabric on your blinds has a metallised backing, DO NOT spray window cleaner on or near the fabric.

If you would prefer to have a professional blind cleaning service clean your blinds, we have found Bi-Soniclean to be a reputable blind cleaning company.

Why does my awning retract by itself?

The most common cause of an awning retracting by itself is that the awning is searching for a signal from its wind sensor but it cannot find the signal so it automatically retracts itself as a safety override.

This can occur when the batteries run low in the wind motion sensor or the sensor fails. The wind motion sensor is the device attached to the front bar of your folding arm awning. Simply slide the sensor off its bracket (there’s a small arrow showing the direction to slide), pry out the inner console and replace the two double AA batteries. Re-install the console and slot the sensor back onto its bracket. This should fix the problem.

If the wind sensor is the anonometer type (spinning wind cup type), it may be that the radio pairing or the physical wiring between the awning and the sensor has been compromised or the sensor has failed altogether. In this instance it is recommended that you contact Blindmaster to arrange a service call in order to assess and repair or replace the wind sensor.

How do I change the battery on my remote control?

There is a small screw on the back of the remote transmitter. Undo the screw and the back will come off revealing the small disc type battery. Replace the battery and re-install the back of the remote control.

Alternatively, take the remote control to your local watchmaker who can easily change the battery for you.

Can I adjust the sensitivity of my wind sensor?

Yes, however we prefer to do this for you.

What does wind rating mean?

It means that the product has been properly certified by relevant testing agency to withstand the quoted wind speed rating.

Not all products are wind rated so please ensure that you request documentation to support the wind rating claim prior to purchasing the product.

Why does my awning make noises during operation?

It is normal for awnings to make noises during operation. There is a combination of springs, belts, pulleys, wheels, the motor itself and other moving parts that make noises. Over time the awning will get a little dirty. The dust and grime that builds up is often the cause for noise during operation particularly for guide track systems like Conservatory awnings. Creaking folding arms is the springs moving inside the profile and is entirely normal.

Is Blindmaster licenced and insured?

Yes, see Blindmaster Contractor Licence for more information.

What are the characteristics of awning fabrics?

All awning fabrics exhibit known characteristics such as wavy edges, stretching, creasing, puckering, veeing or smiling, rippling and so on. There are many different terms used to describe such visual characteristics.

The characteristics are nearly always aesthetic only and do not have any bearing on the functionality of the awning system. The characteristics that an awning fabric exhibits is dependent on the awning type, size, aspect, level of usage and of course the fabric being used and each awning fabric is unique in this regard.

Please refer to the Markilux Characteristics of Awning Fabrics document as a guide. This is one of the more comprehensive guides to awning fabric characteristics.